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Colin studied social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, receiving his MA in 1993 and his PhD in 2002 for a dissertation on 'Learning processes in a Tibetan medical school'. This was based on his fieldwork at a Tibetan Bonpo Medical School situated in the valley of Dhorpatan in west Nepal. He has subsequently taught anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, and also worked as a Clinical Facilitator in the Clinics of Tibetan Medicine organized by the Tara Rokpa organization in Edinburgh and as Part Time Support Worker for the Richmond Fellowship Scotland supporting people with mental health problems and learning difficulties. He is presently working as Research Associate at Cardiff University on the medical legacy of the Bon lama Khyungtrul Jigme Namkhai Dorje. In recent years he has carried out extensive fieldwork in Nepal, India and Tibet on Tibetan medicine, Bon medicine and the healing rituals of Bon nagpa householder priests.

Colin is currently Senior Lecturer in Global Health at the Blizard Institute (Queen Mary, University of London) and also has a web page there.

Research Interests

Colin's research interests range across medical anthropology, the anthropology of ritual and religion, Asian medicine, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan society and culture, Bon religion and culture, ethnobotany, education and learning processes, the anthropology of the body, modes of knowledge, globalisation, the impact of modernity on traditional medical systems, professionalization, ethnicity and identity, Himalayan society and culture, anthropological approaches to disability, learning disabilities and mental illness.



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