Outputs of the Tibetan Bon Medicine Project

Conference Panels and Workshops

As part of the project, Millard and Samuel convened a panel on Bon medicine in September 2009, at the Seventh International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine in Thimpu, Bhutan. Nine papers were presented in this panel which included five from Bonpo scholars and medical doctors. The nine papers will be published in English translation as an edited volume (Perspectives on the History, Theory and Practice of Bon Medicine), with an introduction by Millard and Samuel. This will be the first book to be published in the West on Bon medicine. Three of the Tibetan papers, by Drakhyung Geshe Kalzang Norbu, Geshe Rinchen Tendzin and Menge Ragshi Tsultrim Sangye (Amchi Gege) have also been published separately in their original language in Tibet, as part of a volume of Tibetan papers from the conference edited by Mingji Cuomu.

In August 2010 Millard and Samuel jointly convened a second panel on the use of ritual in healing in the Bon and Buddhist tradition of Tibet at the 12th Seminar of the International Association of Tibetan Studies in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We plan to publish these papers as a second edited volume, The Use of Ritual in Healing in the Buddhist and Bon Religions of Tibet.

An international workshop, Contemporary Issues in the Anthropology of Tibetan Medicine, was held at St Michael's College, Llandaff on January 21 and 22, 2011 . The programme can be downloaded here. The papers from this workshop are due to appear in 2013 as an edited special issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society (EASTS).


As noted above, a number of publications arising from this research have appeared or are forthcoming:


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