Fieldwork on Bon Medicine in Tibet and Nepal

Nagpa Tenpa

Extensive fieldwork has now been completed for this project in Tibet and Nepal. In Tibet fieldwork has been undertaken at Gurgyam monastery and at the Darchen medical centre. In both locations interviews were conducted with monks and doctors.

Colin Millard also interviewed two people who had studied medicine with Khyungtrul: Kamchog Dorje, who is presently the head of the nunnery at Menri monastery at Dolanji in the Himachal Pradesh region of India, and Palden Yeshe, a Tibetan medical doctor who practices in Tholing in west Tibet.

Interviews were also undertaken with three prominent Bon doctors in the Amdo region of Tibet: Khyangtrul Drimer Oser from Zoige, Sherab Tsultrim from Gamel monastery in Amdo Sharkhog and Nagpa Tenpa from Tsekhog. The interview shows Nagpa Tenpa reading a patient's pulse.

Most of the translation work was done with the help of Bon medical doctors in Nepal.

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